How to maximize sales potential with search engine friendly e-commerce technology.

SEO Commerce™ uses the latest technology to construct search engine friendly shopping carts.

This means all your products are 100% visible to search engines, increasing the opportunity to have your products show up when potential customers search online.

4 ways search engine friendly shopping carts by SEO Commerce ™ improve your e-commerce site’s performance:

  1. Boosts search engine ranking for individual product pages on your website.
  2. Increases sales potential by making it easier to buy from you.
  3. Requires much less time investment than shopping cart software packages.
  4. Shows detailed performance reports with advanced information about shopping cart performance and buyer behavior.

Rank high in search engines for individual product pages

Traditional e-commerce technology prevents your products from showing when shoppers search online, since the product pages can’t be read by search engine spiders. So even though you may carry a product, your site is not likely to show in natural search rankings for specific product phrases.

SEO Commerce™ sets up your product catalogs and shopping carts to drive your site’s search engine ranking for specific product searches. Each of your products is optimized individually to show when people search on the specific product or description phrases.

Increases sales potential

When someone clicks on your listing in the search engines, it takes them directly to the product page where they can purchase it immediately.

Normally, an online shopper would have to first find your site and then search for the product - too much work for most online shoppers. SEO Commerce™ shopping cart systems eliminate the steps keeping buyers from your products, making it much easier for them to buy from you.

Save your time

Most shopping cart systems require a significant investment of your time. They can be difficult to use and you may find that you don’t even use all the features. But SEO Commerce™ solutions are all custom made. That means we do the work for you, including search engine optimization— so you know it’s done right. You still retain control, benefiting from the efficiency of our knowledgeable search engine optimization and e-commerce staff.

Detailed performance reports

SEO Commerce™ search engine friendly shopping cart systems provide you with advanced information about shopping cart performance and buyer behavior.

Easy-to-read reports that are customized to your needs can put at your fingertips the information you need to make important business decisions confidently. And help make an e-commerce site a fine-tuned sales vehicle for your business. You can test new promotions and ideas. Highlight the visitor paths that are most effective and eliminate those that negatively impact sales. Make adjustments to optimize sales on an ongoing basis.

SEO Commerce™ performance reports can be customized to integrate all your online marketing activities. Our expert staff will work with you to create the best online reporting solution for you.

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